Thursday, August 27, 2009


You can search the web and get answers to just about every technical question you have.
Of course, just because you find it doesn't mean it's necessarily the right answer. To save you some time (and some money, of course) we've done a little research.

Before we begin, here comes the BIG DISCLAIMER: We don't endorse any of these sites. All we're saying is that they have a higher degree of accuracy than most. Just like everything else, it's up to you to do you're own research. Now that we've made our lawyers happy, here's the info:

1. - This is a great site for general technology stuff (i.e. just about anything electronic - computers, DVD players, digital cameras, and the list goes on.......)

2. - Digital Camera Reviews - in addition to CNET above, this is a good place to check out before you buy a digital camera.

3. - HDTV World is part of CNET and does a good job of telling you what HDTV fits your needs. (Yes, HDTV has its own world. Who knew?)

4. - HDTV Info Port - another site that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about HDTV but were afraid to ask.

5. - Antenna Web - you've bought the HDTV and want to know the best antenna to buy to maximize your reception......this is the place.

6. - Tom's Hardware: You want to know about computers and networking? Start here.

Additionally, take a look at one of our past posts:, which covers some tech stuff not included above.

Is your head exploding yet? We're sorry. Technology advances are coming fast and furious, and it's almost impossible to keep up. Whatever state-of-the-art gadget you buy today will be obsolete soon. When in doubt, ask a teen....they know all this stuff. But seriously folks, as we have repeatedly told you: Be an educated consumer. Before you spend a dime, do your research!

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