Thursday, January 13, 2011


People are always asking Team CHEAPIOSITY about how to get the best travel deals. Over the years, we've told you most of this information, but it never hurts to review. Here are some sites we like to use:
- tells you about deals that automated websites might miss. - tells you the best car rental deals. - tells when your miles will expire so you don't lose them. It will consolidates all your accounts on one page. - uses historical data to predict when prices will go up or down for air fares, hotels, etc. - tells you all the tricks you need to know to get what you want for the least amount of award points. - tells you which online retailers have associations with rewards programs, so you can get the most amount of rewards points with each purchase. - tells you when there are price drops and discounts on routes you are interested in. - helps you find the best combination of low price, good routing and best schedule for your itinerary. It doesn't tell you about budget airlines, but keep reading....we'll tell you about that below. and - gives you the pros and cons of each seat on an aircraft. - organizes all your electronic reservations in one place. - this site will help you with multiple destinations on your trip. - alerts you by email when there are price drops to a specific destination. - provides you with 3 detailed door-to-door options from Point A to Point B. - gives you step by step plans for city sightseeing.

If you can't travel more cheaply after trying all these sites...........we give up!!

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