Thursday, November 5, 2009


Do we have to tell you how much we like to save money?

By now, everybody seems to know the basics like free antivirus software or Hulu ( to watch your favorite tv shows. Enterprising cheapskates that we are, Team CHEAPIOSITY goes one giant step farther for you, our loyal readers. Betcha don't know all of these: - Free Long Distance and International Calling - Free Videoconferencing - Free Conference Calling

Google 411 - Dial 800/466-4411 (800/GOOG-411) - Free Directory Assistance - Free Automatic Voice Note Transcriptions - Turn Scanned Documents Into Text For Free - Read Classic Books For Free & - Free Texting/Messaging - Up to 100MB of Free Storage & & & - Free Music Downloads (We assume you already know about iTunes, Amazon and Rapsody's free downloads.)

That should keep you busy for a while. Happy web searching. Nothing's cheaper than free.

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