Thursday, June 5, 2008


June is busting out all over, and here are the deals to look for as the month is busting. Whatever that means.

Linens: spring selections have arrived in the stores, and now's a good time to buy.

June is also a big month for Mattress sales, which begin now and continue through the fall.

Between now and the end of the month, Furniture sales begin. Recliners are a natural choice for Father's Day gift, and retailers entice buyers by reducing prices. Towards the end of this month, stores start reducing prices on inventory to make room for their incoming fall inventory.

(Recliners? Mattresses? Linens? Are we supposed to hibernate all summer like Bizarro World bears? Sounds good to us...yawn.)

Refrigerators are good buys during the summer months. The logic? Uh, it's hot outside and your food needs to keep cold? Nope. Shoppers are busy doing recreational activities and not in the stores, so retailers lure them into stores with discounts on big ticket items. Hint: It's always better to shop around for a new appliance while your old one is still working, instead of when you need to buy a replacement because it's broken beyond repair.

Tools. Father's Day = tools. Sales on tools for get the picture. Retailers can't think of what to buy your dad either.

Also look at the electronics ads geared towards'll probably find some good deals there as well.

And remember....only buy what you need. Don't buy anything ever just because it's on sale!

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