Thursday, December 25, 2008


Ah, 'tis the Christmas-Chaunukah-Kwanzaa season. All those gifts. All that giving. All that wrapping and unwrapping. All that pretending to like what you've been given.

Gee, Aunt Ollie. An argyle sweater vest. Just what I've always wanted.

Why, Grandma! Another fruitcake! Yum. Yum. Yum.

An ashtray shaped like an Italian Greyhound! Isn't that special?

Little white lies masking disappointment. Phony smiles. Fake sincerity.

Have these people never heard of giving cash? Checks? Gift cards?

Sadly, no. Which brings us to our subject for today: The Fine Art of Regifting.

Once considered too tacky for words, Regifting is the new black.
Totally green. Totally cool. Totally acceptable. Totally CHEAPIOSITY.

Before stepping into the regifting breech uninformed, check out Motley Fool's excellent article outlining all th
e proper Regifting Do’s and Don’ts:

MSN Money weighs in on the subject:

Would you believe there’s even a regifting website? Check it out here.

And just when you thought you’d heard it all and read it all, get this. UPS offers a virtual regifter:
Sounds like someone has way too much time on his virtual hands and we're right there looking over his virtual shoulder.

Hoping all your gifts are wanted and worthy and well-chosen. And if they're not: Do your research and regift with our blessings.

One last thing: You can always donate all your unwanted gifts to charity and make a real difference.


babbsela said...

You forgot the most regifted item of all time: fruitcake!


TEAM CHEAPIOSITY has every reason to believe that there are only a few dozen fruitcakes circulating in the known universe and that they have been doing so since time began. No one should ever regift a fruitcake. The only right thing to do with a fruitcake is dispose of it. Never eat it. Never regift it. This madness must END.


P.S. No offense to babbsela, but fruitcake is mentioned in the first section of our post. So there. It's in italics. - The internets fastest growing blog directory Blogging Fusion Blog Directory My Zimbio
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