Thursday, December 11, 2008


Did you know that all shopping days are not created equal?
Team CHEAPIOSITY knows. And now you do too.

You can shop a lot smarter when you know which days are the best days to go shopping.

Here's the rundown, day by day:

CARS - Since most car sales happen over weekends, dealerships are pretty much dead on Mondays. You can take advantage of that fact. FYI: Car salesmen are particularly desperate to meet their sales quotas on the last Monday (and the last few days) of the month.

GROCERIES - Most sale items end on Tuesdays. Maybe something's on sale that you don't need right now. On the last day of a sale, the item might be sold out so you can get a raincheck at the sale price and redeem it later when you do need it. Tuesday's a great day to use your coupons from the Sunday papers; you're not so likely to forget or lose your coupons when you use them early in the week .

ENTERTAINMENT - Many movie theaters, museums and amusement parks offer additional discounts mid-week. Many offer additional perks on Wednesdays to entice an audience. For example, AMC Theaters offer their rewards members free popcorn.

GAS - Fill up before 10 a.m. That's when station owners tend to raise prices for weekend travel. The rats.

CLOTHING - Stores stock up for their weekend sales on Thursday evenings; that's the time you'll find the best selection and the best prices.

BOOKS - Borders (and other chains) release their weekly coupons on Thursdays.

DEPARTMENT STORES - Before closing on Saturday evening, stores tend to markdown for Sunday's newspaper circular sales. Ask the sales personnel to see the circular early, and if they haven't yet marked down a sales item, you may be able convince them to do it for you. Sneaky.

HOTEL ROOMS - Managers are looking to fill up rooms that haven't been filled for the upcoming week. Call the hotel directly on Sunday, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the cheap deals you can find.

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