Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yeah yeah, we know. Everything seems to be on sale this month, but there are some special bargains worth your attention and possibly even your hard-earned dough.

TV and HOME THEATER: You will see significant price drops in December. Some savvy shoppers advise waiting just a tad longer for your upgrade, assuming that the prices will drop even lower before the Superbowl telecast.
Remember that digital broadcasting begins in February 2009, so if you or someone you know (or an elderly neighbor or relative) still picks up TV signals "over the airwaves" with an antenna (this does not apply to cable or satellite subscribers), you may want to pick up a digital TV or that converter box we told you about in March. ( Do a good deed. We have visions of a nation full of technologically challenged grandmothers living alone in little apartments, befuddled, staring at snow on the screen, with no Wheel of Fortune, crying themselves to sleep. Don't make our nightmares come true.

VIDEO GAMES: Manufacturers release their new products at this time of the year so there's plenty of competition for this sought-after gift idea.

MAJOR APPLIANCES: Know why? We'll tell you why. During the colder months, in reaction to weather-related construction and remodeling slowdowns, major appliance purchases go down so sales are abundant.

PARTY GOODS: PAPER and PLASTICWARE: This is the best time to stock up for the year as the items go on sale. (A caveat: Think long and hard about using disposables; it's economical and ecological to go green as much as possible.)

BIKES and GAS GRILLS: We've mentioned this in previous months, and they continue to be on sale. We don't know why bikes and gas grills go together. If you think of a reason, let us know. We're stumped.

Like we have to even tell you this. Open any newspaper or circular. It's like Christmas.

LANDSCAPING TOOLS: Don't wait until next Spring when the stores are getting top dollar. Do it now when business is slow and prices are low. Plan ahead. To paraphrase Voltaire's Candide, Cultivate your garden. And do it CHEAPIOSITY-style: Buy a cheap hoe.

One other shopping note. If you're shopping online, there are many free shipping offers, so pay attention and save yourself a bit more. Those shipping costs, however nominal, add up. Shop around.

And Happy New Year. Drive safely.

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