Thursday, October 22, 2009


We told you about cheap movie tickets in our previous post:

Since we live on the cutting edge of cheapness and popular culture (a very cool corner), you can imagine our excitement when we came across a website that sells discount movie tickets to many of the major movie theater chains.

As you know by now, Team CHEAPIOSITY is obsessed with bargains. We recently checked out a site that promises daily bargains.

In a recent post, they mentioned Here's a link to the specific post: Bulktix offers various checkouts, and the poster found coupons for Amazon checkouts that offer additional savings. Since coupon codes tend to expire, we urge you search for BulkTix coupons on the web before you checkout.

If you live in a major city, movie tickets can cost upwards of $15 depending on the theater; using BulkTix could be a source of considerable savings. That said, BE SURE to check if your local theater is a participating theater before you order tickets.

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