Thursday, July 3, 2008


It's officially summer. Watch out for unsafe firecrackers. And sunburn. And over-hyped movies at the multi-plex. And bargains.

What goes on sale in July?

Swimsuits, of course. Right after the 4th of July you'll see drastic reductions as retailers attempt to get rid of their inventory. We urge you to check out vintage for significant savings. You can pick up classics on eBay and in thrift stores for a song. Failing that, you can save a bundle wearing last year's suit. You'll be in fine company. Renowned clotheshorse and Today Show hunk, Matt Lauer is currently tabloid fodder for getting caught wearing the same board shorts he wore two years ago. We applaud him and his frugality. Not to mention his abs.

Laptop computers also go on sale at this time of year. Back to School sales keep getting earlier and earlier so if you need a new laptop, watch for sales at an electronics store near you. Check online sellers like Dell for their summer specials too.

Retailers also have sales on appliances during the holiday weekend. If you're shopping for big or small appliances, check newspapers and store circulars for bargains. Sometime appliances are even further discounted for slight blemishes or scratches that are hardly noticeable to the naked eye and don't affect the inside workings of the appliance. Ask.

If you're looking for furniture, remember that fall inventories will be coming in in August and September, so be on the lookout for that sofa you've been wanting.

Retailers are also starting to discount other summer-specific items. You'll find sales on everything from sun skin care, to fans, air conditioners. gardening supplies, etc.

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