Thursday, September 17, 2009


Just as the brouhaha over the immensely popular Cash for Clunkers car-buying incentive program is dying down, here comes yet another ingenious government program targeting home improvement and energy efficiency upgrades on appliances. That's the catch; replacement appliances must to be Energy Efficient.

But don't panic. Here's all the information you'll need to take advantage of this ambitious and innovative $300 million Program ( and here's were you can find the Energy Star qualifiying appliances (

While the program is Federally funded, your State will determine the amount of rebate rewarded for each kind of appliance and how to apply for that rebate. We suggest you contact your local Utility Company or your State's Department of Energy for more specifics before venturing out into the marketplace uninformed.

As always, we remind you that you should only buy what you need. The best consumer is an educated consumer. Do your research before you buy anything.

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Jay said...


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