Thursday, September 4, 2008


Bikes: Since the 2009 bike models start arriving in September, many bike stores discount last year's models. True biking afficianados may appreciate the improvements, but we biking muggles can save a bundle buying older stock. Merchants need to floor room.

Major Appliances: Like bikes, the new models debut at stores in September and October. Unlike bikes, old major appliances take up large amounts of floor and warehouse space. Savvy shoppers can find deeply discounted appliances if they're willing to settle for state of last year's art.

Housewares: As houseware companies launch their Fall/Winter lines, be on the lookout for sales on Summer lines. Do you detect a theme?

Grills: Barbeque season ends after Labor Day, so look for major markdowns on grills.

Small Electronics: In the fall, many manufacturers release at least one new attention and watch prices drop on last year's model.

Trees, shrubs and perennials: Most nurseries don't want to hold onto these until the Spring, so pick up bargains now while the ground is still warm.

Wine: Starting in September, wine makers will be releasing wine from last year's harvest, so look for price reductions particularly in the high supply wines.

So…the CHEAPIOSITY bottom line. Ride your new slightly outdated bike. Replace your older major appliances and housewares with last year's models. (Don't replace major appliances for nw bells and whistles. Be environmentally responsible, and hang onto them until it makes sense to replace them.) Cook outside in the fall and winter on your new grill. If it's miserable out there, your stash of cheap wine will keep you warm, and new plants will provide cover from any inclement weather. Oh, and use your savings to treat yourself to a new-ish phone.

If you're the kind of person who needs the latest and greatest to boost your ego and impress other people with your blatant “I stood in line to pay retail” consumerism, face it right now. You are reading the wrong blog.

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