Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Even though we're told that things are getting better, everyone we know is still having a tough time. We've come up with some tips that we hope will get you through the holidays without breaking the bank:

1. Make a gift budget and stick to it. All that impulse buying at the mall is a thing of the past. Tighten your belt and don't let it out even one notch!

2. Make a deal with your Adult friends.......no gifts this year.

3. Focus on experiences and not things. Remember the pet rock? Where is it collecting dust in your closet? Get the family together, share a meal, take pictures, create traditions and memories.

4. Got children or grandchildren? Set up a 529 tax-sheltered college savings plan for them instead of that gift that will not be used or remembered after the holidays. They'll thank you for it later as the cost of a College education continues to skyrocket.

5. Make a charitable donation. People really like receiving that kind of gift, and you're doing some good at the same time.

6. Make a gift. Bake cookies, bake a bundt. Watch Martha Stewart and she'll show you how to make something. The cost is low and memories are high.

7. If you have to shop, shop the CHEAPIOSITY way. If you have to spend money, promise us you'll be a smart shopper and do it our way. We know we're right......don't argue with us!

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