Thursday, November 6, 2008


The elections are over, and you know what that means. We can finally exhale. While some may start counting down the shopping days till Christmas, we’re more excited that our eight long years of Bush-bashing (and his eight long years of nation-destroying) are finally coming to a close. We enter this new historical era with high hopes, depleted savings accounts, gutted stock portfolios, mortgaged to the hilt, and with no real employment on the horizon. Still. We expect truly great things from our new President and we dare to feel optimistic. But enough bloviating. You want politics, go to the Huffington Post. We’re here to save you some money.

Before we offer our November bargain tips, we should remind you about items we mentioned in our September and October posts that are still on sale in November. If you’re in the market for BIKES, GAS GRILLS, TOYS and COOKWARE, this is still a great time to hit the stores or the web.

HEATERS: As cold weather approaches, stores are fully stocked with space heaters. Look for bargains now while there's the biggest selection and you can buy exactly what you need. Wait, CHEAPIOSITY. Are you sure we shouldn’t wait a while until the merchants need to clear the floor space for Valentine chocolates and lawn furniture so we can snage a deal? Here’s the thing: if you shop now, you won’t get stuck buying more heater than you want because the smaller, cheaper model is out of stock. Truly savvy shoppers would have purchased their ideal heater last year at the end of the season. But we weren’t there to guide you way back then. We’re here for you now, and that’s what’s important.

COMPUTERS: This month is considered a good time for cheap computers. In December, retailers will be getting computers with bigger upgrades and new gadgetry, so they are looking to decrease inventory to make room for next month's shipments. A WARNING: Check out all the offers thoroughly; sometimes these very cheap deals include very limited software bundles that will wind up costing you a big bundle. Read the fine print. Some computers are stripped down a bit and may provide you with the operating system only, no extras. It may cost you well over $100 to set up your system with Word, Outlook, Excel, etc. Suddenly that cheap deal becomes a lot more expensive. Of course, if you already have a computer, you can transfer most of the software you already have. Educate yourself before you buy. Caveat emptor. Duh.

BLANKETS: November is a good month to buy bedding and blankets in particular, so don't wait for the temperatures to now. Prepare yourself now for a long cozy hibernation. Lower that thermostat and snuggle up. Go green without turning blue.

WEDDING GOWNS: This month is an excellent time to find good deals. Why? Well, we’re here to tell you why. Many couples get engaged during the holidays, so business is comparatively slow right now, which is good for discounts. But I don’t have a fiancĂ©, you say. Then step away from the bridal wear. Seriously. That’s just creepy. However, you have our tacit permission to check out Formal Gowns if you're in need. They’re also something of a bargain in November, and you won’t scare away any date who happens to sneak a peek in your closet.

TURKEYS: If you’re paying retail for a turkey, you don’t deserve to read any further. You're on the wrong website. (Of course, if you’re one of those organic-free-range-only-the-best-will-do-special-order-from-a-fancy-butcher-or-specialty-store chefs, we’re not really talking to you. And please invite us over to eat.) Supermarkets lure Thanksgiving shoppers in with offers that make the centerpiece of your celebration practically free. They depend on your spending the rest of your money in the store while you’re lugging out your free bird. Thank you, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Anyway, check around. You can save a bundle…and if you’re lucky enough to have a large freezer, put a couple away for the long winter months ahead. Gobble gobble.

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