Thursday, November 19, 2009


Did you know that plain old cheap white distilled vinegar has more uses than salad dressing or pickling? (Do people still pickle???) People have even written books about it: "Vinegar: Over 400 Various, Versatile, and Very Good Uses You've Probably Never Thought Of" by Vicki Lansky for example.

Going back to ancient times, vinegar was used to disinfect wounds.

Vinegar can save you mucho bucks by not buying those expensive products in the store.

Here are a few basics:

1. Mix two parts vinegar with one part water and you have an all purpose cleaner that’s effective on just about everything, especially windows.

2. Add a cup of vinegar to your wash. It reduces the amount of soap you need, keeps colors vibrant, and reduces lint.

3. Got a nasty case of athletes foot? Apply vinegar full strength two times a day until the fungus goes away.

4. If you have annoying grass or weeds growing around your sidewalk or drive way, douse them with vinegar.

5. If you have anthills in your yard, pour full strength vinegar on them.

Did you know vinegar has an Institute? For even more information including 1001 tips, check:

Have we pickled your brain?

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