Thursday, August 21, 2008


In keeping with our motto of living a first class life at economy prices, we thought we should talk about buying high end items. (Here at CHEAPIOSITY, we’re not really high end clothing shoppers. We wear our CHEAPIOSITY uniforms to work in the testing lab, and we express ourselves on Casual Fridays, and of course once a year, we break out the good stuff for the office Christmas party. That said, it is our understanding that some people actually enjoy spending big bucks on designer clothing and other big name big ticket brands. We can only assume that such really big spenders might enjoy their purchases even more if they got really big bangs for their really big bucks. Hence, this post.) High end bargains can be found in the USA and around the world. And we have scoped them out especially for you.

Bear in mind that this post is only focusing on high end items, so don’t write us that we left out your favorite outlet mall. (You never write. You never call. Is it something we said?)

The first place to look is; these are Premium Outlet Malls both in the USA and parts of Asia and Mexico City. They are pretty well spread out throughout the US, so it may be worth an outing to the one nearest you. If you find yourself in Tokyo or other Japanese cities, or Seoul, Korea, you’ll find high end bargains galore.

When in Milan, Italy, it would be well worth your while to visit There, you will find discounts of 50%, but you don’t have to travel as far as Milan to find Marni. They have stores in many other countries where deflated dollars and inflated Euros go farther. Also in Milan, check out: D’Magazine ( This outlet is in the Fashion District, and on a good day, you’ll find Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci at up to 90% off. Still have room in your bag for more bargains? 50 kilometers from Milan, on the Italian/Swiss border is Foxtown ( in Mendrisio, Switzerland. Not only are there outlet stores (Dior to YSL), but restaurants and a casino to keep you busy. (Don’t mind us; we’ll be back here, thrift shopping, eating leftovers from TGIFriday’s, and buying Lotto tickets. Sigh.)

If Prada ( is your thing and you’re in the area, a trip to Montevarchi, Italy may be in order. There you’ll find discounts of 50% or more. Now, don’t get confused, the Prada outlet is called Pellettieri d’Italia. Non-Prada-philes may ask why. Well, little ones, before Prada was Prada, Miuccia Prada’s fashion house was known as Pellettieri d’Italia, and they kept the name for the outlet. You will also find discounts on their second-tier line Miu Miu. The outlet store is in the Tuscany region of Italy, 45 minutes to an hour's drive from Florence.

Now that you’ve traversed Italy, you’re looking damn good. Time to trek north to Helsinki, Finland and do a little something special for your house. You don’t want your house to feel neglected, do you? Check out Helsinki’s famous Arabia Kitchen and Bath outfitters? There you find discounts up to 70% off on everything including the kitchen sink. They even have a shipping service to help you shlep it all home to wherever.

While the fabled bargains in Hong Kong are not what they used to be, it would be worth a trip to Joyce Warehouse at Horizon Plaza for find discounts on designer clothes starting at 40% off.

Well, there you have it. While no list can be all-inclusive, this is a good place to start for some of the best high end outlets around the world. Happy shopping! Drop us a postcard. Sniff.

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